April Lunch Bunch Presentation & April Lunch Bunch Announcements

Post-Assessment Presentation with L&D Team

Assessment Packet 2022

Tutor Portal videos & Assessment Packet

Looop (Learning Management System): Assessment Pathway with all videos and Assessment packet


March Announcements

Heidi Tringali’s Presentation

Slides: Maximizing Your Students’ Capability to Learn


February Lunch Bunch “Games” recording

Games Lunch Bunch slides

Games Handouts


January Lunch Bunch “Behavior Modification” recording 

Behavior Modification Slides

Behavior Modification Resources Packet

Breathing Exercises video demo

Movement Breaks video demo


November Lunch Bunch recording

November 2021 Lunch Bunch Slides



October Lunch Bunch recording

October Lunch Bunch slides



September Lunch Bunch recording




5/19/2021 Annual Appreciation Luncheon



4/14/2021 Virtual April Lunch Bunch featuring Kelly Biltz



3/10/2021 Virtual March Lunch Bunch featuring Laura Freeman
Link to presentation slides



2/17/2021 Virtual February Lunch Bunch featuring Ms. Kim Nichols and Ms. Sonya Thomas



1/20/2021 Virtual January Lunch Bunch featuring Trish Sexton



 11/18/2020 Virtual November Lunch Bunch featuring Ann Doss Helms



10/14/2020 Virtual October Lunch Bunch: PA Catalog, PA Demonstrations, Virtual letter/sound assessment & summer pilot tutors



9/9/2020 Virtual September Lunch Bunch: Back to school! CMS update, new Tutor Portal & Tutor milestone celebrations




2/19/2020 Kelly Biltz, Founder of Loving GrADDitude, presenting strategies, tools, & tips pertaining to ADHD



1/8/2020 Dr. Frank Gaskell, Psychologist and Managing Director of Southeast Psych, presenting strategies for helping kids develop the belief that skills and abilities can be improved through effort



11/13/2019 Erica Reid, Program Director for Friends of the Children-Charlotte, presenting on Social and Emotional Learning