The Benefits of Being an ALP Partner School:

  1. You receive highly-trained, volunteer tutors who provide individualized, research-based reading instruction to struggling readers.
  2. You have an ALP Site Coordinator assigned to your school, who acts as liaison between your school and the ALP tutors.
  3. You have priority when we place new tutors.
  4. You have the opportunity to collaborate with ALP in recruiting new tutors.

The Responsibilities of an ALP Partner School:

  1. Provide dedicated space for our tutoring sessions.
  2. Work with ALP Site Coordinator to select appropriate students for tutoring and monitor student progress.
  3. Provide us with feedback to ensure a successful partnership.

If you are interested in becoming an ALP Partner School, please contact Steve Hall, Executive Director, at

“I’ve volunteered a lot in schools, and actually tutored children, but I always wondered if I really helped them.  As an ALP Tutor, I know it’s working. You see the lights go on.”

 Marion, ALP Tutor