May 4, 1954 –
June 30, 2022

Wendy was an ALP supporter almost from our organization’s inception. She had a passion for teaching underserved children to read, and she brought great joy to scores of young aspiring readers as a beloved Augustine tutor. Wendy also provided strong, graceful leadership to our ALP community as the second Board Chair of ALP. Further, she shared her formidable teaching talents as she helped train new tutors for over 13 years. In fact, many of you who are now, or have been, ALP volunteer tutors will remember Wendy from her expert demonstration of an Augustine lesson during the first day of new tutor training.

Whether you met Wendy on that first day or over the many days she was dedicated to ALP, Wendy gave many of us life-changing gifts by inspiring us.

To honor Wendy’s legacy as a dedicated member of the ALP community, the Munce family and ALP have created the Wendy Munce Tutor Training Fund. This fund will support the training of new ALP tutors who will manifest Wendy’s commitment to aspiring readers as a living tribute through their work in the years ahead. With an initial goal of providing the resources need to train 20 new tutors, our goal is to raise $40,000 for the fund. The Munce family has very generously committed to matching gifts to the Wendy Munce Tutoring Fund dollar-for-dollar until we meet this goal.

We are deeply grateful for the imprints on countless lives Wendy Munce left through her service to aspiring readers with ALP. I hope you will help us build an enduring tribute to Wendy as we continue to follow the example of service she set for us all.

You may make contributions to the Wendy Munce Tutoring Fund by clicking HERE or by check to 115 West 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202 – please note the Wendy Munce Tutor Training Fund on your generous gift.

Wendy’s light will continue to guide us along our journey together – thank you for reflecting that light in your support of ALP aspiring readers.